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By Vasthi Reyes Acosta, Gail Sattler, Lynette Sowell, and Carrie Turansky
A Contemporary romance collection that captures the sights and sounds of the Christmas season in New York City.

Moonlight and Mistletoe by Carrie Turansky — Christmas plans are set askew when professional organizer Sarah Montgomery meets free-spirited poet Justin Latimer. As they work together on a project for her neighbor, romantic sparks fly – but will new revelations douse them?

Shopping for Love by Gail Sattler – Two tourists try to lose themselves in the holiday shopping crowds. But when Bryan Evans literally knocks Emily Jones off her feet, her heart’s secrets are spun even more off balance.

Where the Love Light Gleams by Lynette Sowell — Christmas in Rockefeller Center puts a widow’s spruce tree on center stage. Professor Theophilus Stellakis volunteers to host Gwynn Michaud, and they both find new dreams in the glow of the holiday lights.

Gifts of the Magi by Vasthi Reyes Acosta — The gift of the Magi comes full circle for two lonely Latinos when Cecilia Montes takes time out of her busy schedule to help an old friend with youth group activities. But can she trust her heart to Elias Perez?

It must have been fun to write a story set during the Christmas season. What Christmas events do your characters enjoy in your novellas?

Vasthi Reyes Acosta – In my novella I included sights and sounds that were more reflected of uptown Manhattan, such as The Cloisters, which is a museum in Fort Tryon Park, The Three King’s Day Parade sponsored by El Museo del Barrio, ice skating in Central Park, a concert at Riverside Church, and of course the tree at Rockefeller Center.

Gail Sattler – The lights and ambiance of shopping, during the daytime and after dark. Getting caught in the excitement of the Christmas shopping, even though both Emily and Bryan hate shopping at home.

Lynette Sowell -Gwynn and Theo attend the tree lighting in Rockefeller Center, and they also go to the Christmas show at Radio City Music Hall.

Carrie Turansky – Sarah joins Justin’s family for Thanksgiving. Sarah and Justin Visit the Fetes de Noel in Bryant Park which is a wonderful outdoor market with great Christmas shopping. They watch the ice skaters and enjoy live Christmas music. Sarah takes a taxi ride through the city looking at the holiday lights and store decorations. Sarah and Lillian attend a candle light Christmas eve service.

Share a Christmas tradition you enjoy with your family.

Vasthi Reyes Acosta – In my home we celebrate El Dia de los Reyes on January 6th. We put out the water and whatever grass we can find in the winter and in the morning there is a gift waiting. Often we go to parties on that day and eat, sing and enjoy family and friends.

Gail Sattler – I crocheted a nativity scene to keep the true Christmas story alive in my home. Instead of decorating the mantle, we place all the people all over the house. The shepherds and sheep are on the hearth, the wise men and camel are in the eastern most part of my house, the dining room. Mary and Joseph and the donkey cross the living room carpet, we move them a bit each day. The innkeeper waits alone in the inn/stable near the Christmas tree. When the kids were little they used to play with everything, then at night, everyone goes back to their special place in the house. Christmas morning Mary and Joseph arrive at the inn, the angel comes out, Jesus is born, we say a prayer, and only then do we start opening gifts.

Lynette Sowell – A few days before Christmas Eve, we start baking goodies and appetizers. Then on Christmas Eve we invite anyone who wants to come by the house after the Christmas Eve candlelight service. We enjoy time friends and family, everyone eats all the food (so we’re not stuck with tons of fudge), and then we collapse in happy heaps when everyone leaves. Then we each open one present. The “main” Christmas gifts don’t get put under the tree until the kids are in bed.

Carrie Turansky – We have collected Christmas ornaments from many different places over the years. Our family enjoys unwrapping them each year and decorating our Christmas tree. We talk about the places we have traveled and enjoy sharing these special memories together. Serving popcorn and hot cocoa are part of the tradition too.

What is one of your favorite scenes in the book?

Vasthi Reyes Acosta – I have several favorite scenes. I love all the scenes where Cecilia’s family is creating havoc for her. They were so much fun to write with the loudness, chaos and love present and typical of Latino families. But if I had to choose one scene it would be when Elias professes his love for Cecilia.

Gail Sattler – On the subway. I love to feel the motion and watch out the window as everything is zipping by, and of course, Emily had her camera with her.

Lynette Sowell -I loved writing Theo’s point of view when he and Gwynn go shopping in Chinatown. He’s incredibly aware of how he feels about her now, and he’s not quite sure what to do about it just yet. .

Carrie Turansky – Sarah joins Justin’s family to celebrate Thanksgiving and she discovers many new qualities about him. The interaction between Justin and Sarah as they wash dishes after dinner was fun to write and very romantic.

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You can learn more about the authors at their websites:

Gail Sattler: www.gailsattler.com
Lynette Sowell: www.lynettesowell.com
Carrie Turansky: www.carrieturansky.com

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