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Last night I read the galley for O Christmas Tree, my novella in the 4-in-1 collection entitled Christmas Homecoming releasing with Barbour in September. My favorite part was being able to read the dedication to my missionary daughter, now seventeen, who visited South Africa last summer. She’s on schedule to go to Scotland next month with Global Expeditions (Teen Mania). I managed to include as many of her African experiences in O Christmas Tree. When I saw the castle where her team would stay in Scotland, I immediately began brewing a story. As a writer I’ve trained myself to look for every opportunity. 
Christmas Homecoming isn’t out for another couple of months (well three to be exact) but reading it again last night brought a reminder of the dedication. 
This story is dedicated to my beautiful daughter, Rachel, whose missionary heart has taken her around the world. 
Commit your works to the Lord and your plans will be established. Proverbs 16:3

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  1. Christina Berry

    Hmm … I have a few more days to work up my dedication for my debut movel from Moody. I’m trying to think of something I want to say now, when it releases in September, AND five years from now when someone checks me out of the library. 🙂

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