A Woman’s Heart

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Just got home from the new Bible study we started this week, Beth Moore’s A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place. It’s a study about the Tabernacle. One of the ladies came up to me after the study and mentioned I seemed much different today–that she’d been praying for me.

The truth is I felt different. As writers we’re always working on a deadline, or writing proposals to sell that next book, or marketing–it’s a never-ending business that carves it’s way into every aspect of our lives, draining us. I’m not alone in saying this, am I?

This week I decided that I need to prioritize. Yes, the Lord called me to do this, even though I’ve run from it screaming many times. So I can’t stop the writing. But I have to trust Him to redeem the time when I put other things first. Because there are plenty of things (person, place, or thing) that are more important than writing. I have at five of them in my family.

Honestly, I look at what other writers produce, and I don’t know how they do it, especially if they have children at home. I’ve made the effort this week to close my laptop no matter where I was in the story or my chapter, and spend precious time with my kids. After all, they grow so fast.

And you know what? God does redeem the time because stepping away allows me to refresh myself through living–the lifeblood of stories.


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