Arise again!

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I didn’t post yesterday because I was still reeling from the Arise event that took place on Sunday. I’ll give you an update on that after a few reminders and announcements.

Remember that the Kanner Lake website is due to launch on July 5th promoting Brandilyn Collin’s new book, Violet Dawn. I’ll be participating in the character blog at Scenes and Beans.

For those interested in historical fiction or just history in general, Favorite Pastimes, a blog devoted to history, is now open to readers. Each week a different contributor will present her perspective. This week’s host is Cindy Thomson, author of Brigid of Ireland. My week of blogging begins on July 24th and I’ll be focusing on the Middle Ages and historical fantasy. I hope you’ll join me for the highlight: an interview with Linda Wichman and discussion about her current project, Briar Rose.

Back to the Arise event. Arise was a call to prayer and unity among churches. It was a day filled with praise and worship among thirty plus cross-denominational churches. The Indian Nation opened the event with drums and dance. Thirty pastors joined together, along with their congregations and others–it was open to the public. . and hearts were changed. Local church worship teams and over one hundred intercessorers joined together, along with Doug Stringer and Jason Upton. People are now saying that it felt like we had drawn a line in a spiritual sense, we’d joined together in unity to do battle. . .rather than the various camps we are now (34,000 to be exact) divided. Any war strategists understands that to conquer you must divide, and that’s where we are as a body now–divided. But yesterday, in the Amory in Medford, Oregon, the body united in a big way.

As I was leaving the Armory Sunday evening, one of the many band members commented that things are back to normal tomorrow. I responded, “I hope not.” And I mean that. Our prayer now is to move forward with what we’ve started, not to fall back into our old routine.

I was struck as I listened to people comment about the spiritual aspect of this event. . .the battle against good and evil. I’m convinced now more than ever that the direction of my writing should mirror this spiritual battle–and what better genre than fantasy. Jeff Gerke is discussing this very topic over at Becky Miller’s blog on Monday and Tuesday of this week. Make sure to read his comments.


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