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I decided to return from a blogging hiatus or whatever you want to call two weeks without blogging. Forgive me, if there’s anything to forgive. As far as blogs go, I’m in a position to start pulling out my hair. No, I’m excited about all of the opportunities that have opened up for me in the blogging world.

First, I’ve already told you about the Kanner Lake Scenes and Beans Project. My character, Bev Trexel’s debut post appears this Friday the 21st. In addition, you can read the first three chapters of Violet Dawn here. Go to the Kanner Lake website and read about the series. You’ll enjoy reading the character post–it’s like you’re experiencing the world inside of Violet Dawn. I’d love to hear your comments abou the characters.

Second,Favorite Pastimeshistorical blog debuted a couple of weeks ago. Historical authors explore various time periods and aspects of writing their novels. My week begins on Monday the 24th and my focus: Historical Fantasy. Join me next week for an interview with Linda Wichman. Her historical fantasy novel, Legend of the Emerald Rose was a 2006 Christy Award Finalist.

We’ve had such success with the Science Fiction and Fantasy blog tours, which begins again next week, that several of us have joined together for a team blog, titled
Speculative Faith: Christians Exploring Speculative Literature.

So, even though I’ve got my hands full, I’m still committed to writng those ten pages a day so that I can finish my fantasy and move onto the novel I dreamed the other night, along with the thriller I need to work on for the ACFW conference, oh and that boom town historical. Did I forget something? At any rate, I’m at about 40K of my first draft of The Crossing. . .just about to the halfway point.

Oh I DID forget something. You can read my review Robin Parrish’s Debut Novel, Relentless here.

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