Book Review: Your Chariot Awaits

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I won’t announce the winner of Your Chariot Awaits until the end of this week. There’s still time to enter the drawing by posting a comment.

Title: Your Chariot Awaits
Author: Lorena McCourtney
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 13-978-1-59554-279-3
Genre: Mystery

In the course of one week Andi McConnell turns sixty, loses her job, breaks up with her boyfriend, and receives an unexpected inheritance from an eccentric rich uncle—a sleek black stretch limousine with bulletproof windows. She knows it’s totally impractical—yet the limo has an allure that Andi can hardly resist. The allure is considerably dampened, however, with the discovery of a dead boy in the trunk. So Andi joins forces with a nosy but charming former TV private eye in a bumbling and often hilarious attempt to find the killer.

Lorena McCourtney’s latest release, Your Chariot Awaits, is a joy to read. The first in her Andi McConnell Mystery series, the cozy plot is fun and interesting, and the writing is pure pleasure. I laughed out loud at the witty and humorous turns of phrase and imaginative descriptions. Here’s one example from a scene where Andi drives her limousine through the neighborhood.

All around the circle, doors opened and people stepped out to stare. It was like synchronized cuckoo clocks.

In another scene she describes a gentleman wearing a toupee as looking like he’d collided midair with a crow. I roared with laughter at this, unable to keep from reading out loud to my husband while he attempted to watch his sci fi movie. I admit, I’ve never been much of a fan of cozy mysteries, but Lorena has changed all this for me.


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