CAN and North Dakota

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I recently joined CAN (Christian Authors Network) and am looking forward to membership and networking with many of the authors there while learning to market my books better. 

Speaking of which, I signed the contract for the second book in a series for Barbour’s Romancing America last week. Exposing Amber is set in the North Dakota badlands in a museum and dinosaur dig. I’m especially looking forward to writing this book. Disarming Andi (the first book) will release with Heartsong Presents in March 2010.

My middle son said North Dakota is a myth. He’s a comedian, can you tell?

One more thing, here’s something I heard today: The more you imitate God, the more you’re being yourself.

I love that. If we’re created in His image then the above holds true.

Oh, if you’d like to receive the CAN newsletters full of advice and tips about marketing, you can go to the CAN blog here.

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