Crossing the Threshold

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I’m excited that I’ve finally crossed that threshold in my story–the place where the story comes together and you no longer have to concern yourself with what happens next, but rather you’re just writing in response to all of the conflict that you’ve set up. Schew! Now if I can just carve out the time I need to complete this novel.

I should point out that though I’ve been working on this for a while, I’ve been diverted by other projects several times. Last fall I stopped to work on an anthology with other authors, then in February, I had to complete a requested manuscript–and that’s a good thing, right? So, though it seems like I’m taking a long time to finish this, I have many things going at the same time. Still, I’m at a pivotal point in the story and I don’t want to lose momentum. That’s why, though I’m stopping this week to work on yet another anthology, I plan to take only a week to complete my summary and proposal chapters.

After writing a fantasy, writing romance feels much easier! I love the freedom to be creative in the SFF genre, but it is a “brain drain”!!!


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