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It’s time for the CSFF Blog tour for The Return, book three of The Mars Hill Classified Trilogy (NavPress), by Austin Boyd. I’m still in the middle of reading this story and hope to have it finished by tonight. God willing. What I find interesting is that for a long while we (science fiction and fantasy readers and writers) have heard that science fiction is dead. Period. Then out comes The Return, a three book series based on Mars. Granted, this isn’t true science fiction as pointed out by Austin Boyd himself on Deena Peterson’s blog. (Her link is below)

Technically, what I write is not science fiction, per se. Every technology I write about exists today, and since I work in the technology business, I have lots of inspiration for new stuff that’s soon to come out. There are no laser guns and light speed travel in my books, or people beaming up from a planet.

Still I love reading science fiction and might try my hand at writing it one day. I’m in the process of working on a techno-thriller myself. But I have to ask what qualifies a person to write science fiction (or techno-thrillers). If Austin Boyd’s resume is the answer, then I’m doomed.

His bio on the back of The Return reads like this:

A Navy pilot, nuclear weapons officer, and a spacecraft engineer, Austin Boyd flew three thousand hours in a war and peacetime operations, designed satellites, and built classified systems to track terrorists ( sounds like the techno thriller I’m working on). A world traveler, NASA Astronaut finalist, and inventor with multiple patents, he served on key Navy space assignments before retiring to Huntsville, Alabama, where he lives with Cindy, his wife of twenty-eight years, and their four children.

There’s more, but I think you get the picture. You can read more at Austin Boyd’s website.

I hope to have my review on this blog tour so check back and be sure to look at the other blog participants. The end of the week includes an interview with Kathryn Mackel about her newest release, the Vanished. (Realms)

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  1. Becky

    tefbvWell, I know you don’t have to have Austin’s credentials. Bryan Davis wrote science fantasy in his Dragons in Our Midst series and pretty much made up the science stuff, though he took a real scientific principle and made what was not possible.

    In that regard, Austin is different because he is writing about real science. However, he’s taking it into the future and still asking the what if questions. No way to know if anyone will find a reason to do what he’s writing about.

    So I think he is very much like the sci fi writers of old. They took real science and looked considerable further into the future than Austin did. Still, the same idea.

    What I like about Austin’s writing is that he doesn’t belabor the science, nor does he talk down to his readers. He’s got a great way of making the very technical seem clear without seeming simple.


  2. Austin Boyd


    Thanks so much for the incredible compliment! “… make the very technical seem clear without seeming simple.” Wow! I spent a long time trying to accomplish that.

    I agree with your comment about writing sci fi and fantasy. It’s not the background in space that makes the book work. Just the product of a hyper-active imagination. And a wonderful team of reviewers… volunteers… who point out the holes and the problems.

    I tell folks that every day the newspaper has all the grist for a novel. Any new idea can form the basis of a great book, if it has characters you care about and a plot that pulls you along. Happy writing, and look for inspiration in everything.

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