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Okay, I’ve never heard of EdenStar much less visited the site. This is my first look. and I have to say I’m impressed. Very clean. Very professional.

And in fact, in a way, that is what the sight is promoting. . .”Good clean science fiction and fantasy.” Already, it’s enought to make me add them to my links. I’m going to do that now.


The first page that snags my attention is the “On Harry Potter” page where ten books are listed discussing this controversial topic. Then there’s the page on Stephen Lawhead, my favorite author. Did I mention that I’ll be posting my interview with him on Favorite Pastimes, September 28th and 29th?

I’m sure I’ll be returning to Edenstar whenever I want to know about games my kids can play as well.

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  1. Becky

    Beth, I like this angle–from someone discovering Edenstar for the first time. Great idea to post what caught your attention from the first.

    Yep, interview with Lawhead will be a must read!


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