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This is the second day of the CSFF Blog Tour featuring R. K. Mortenson’s Landon Snow series, specifically the third book: Landon Snow and the Island of Arcanum.

I ALWAYS wonder where authors get the ideas for their books. Mr. Mortenson shares the following on the Landon Snow website.

The story behind the book.

How did I begin writing Landon Snow?

I actually started with a poem, which is now the Auctor’s Riddle. It was a dark and stormy night in the summer of 1994. I was watching the rain coming down in sheets, when suddenly a poem came to me. I took out my little green notepad and clicked my pen, and I began to write.

Could it be chance, mere circumstance

That man eats cow eats grass eats soil

And then man dies, and when he lies

To soil he does return?

A few months later I was attending seminary-graduate school to become a pastor-and I awoke one night to what I was sure was flute music-coming from outside. I looked out the second-story apartment window across a field to the seminary building. The next day I started writing a story about a boy named Landon…

Mr. Mortensen lists several books as major influences: Alice in Wonderland, Chronicles of Narnia, Watership Down, The Hobbit, the Bible to name a few. Reading this list of his favorites further convinces me that his own venture into fantasy writing with the Landon Snow series isn’t to be ignored. But I won’t be reading the books until after Christmas when my son opens them.

Don’t forget to visit some of the other participants. Just scroll down to yesterday’s post to see the list.


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