CSFF Blog Tour: Legend of the Firefish

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As promised, I’m posting today regarding my favorite scene in The Legend of the Firefish. Be warned, if you haven’t read the book, this could be a spoiler for you. In my opinion, this particular scene is a perfect example of the character’s depth. And for me, it was one of those God moments. . .you know what I mean. When you stop reading and you connect with God because you’ve been brought deeper, closer to Him somehow. Don’t worry, I won’t be giving away all of this scene if you still want to read.

So what is it? The sword fight between Senslar Zendoda and Talon. Like you, I’ve read many a sparring match. This was no average sword fight. Here’s an excerpt:

Her swordsmanship was creative, intelligent, and masterful. He began to understand that he would not defeat her through mere superiority of skill. So he began to focus on her name and reputation to affect the outcome of this duel. He needed to know what drove her in this assault, this moment. Was it politics? He may have been lured here, but this was no assassination.

Ema zien enmanteras, “ he told her. I am not the enemy.

“Enmateras aziz demincarcera.” You are the enemy incarnate.

. . .”Una aziz?” he asked. Who are you? Her answer, if she would answer, would reveal how she identifid herself. It was a direct thrust, rarely parried, into the heart and soul. If the answer was a name, then lineage was most highly valued. If a title, then honor. If a post, then occupation. If current task, then expedience. If any other answer came, then a greater revelation came with it. . .

This fight continues until Talon thrust her sword into his belly, Senlar Zendoda giving his life for Panna and at the same moment, showing his love to his daughter, Talon as he says:

“My little child,” he said into her ear in Drammune, with a kindness beyond reason, a love beyond human capability, his cheek pressed tightly against her forehead, “Oh, how I have missed you!”

It was Talon’s undoing. . .

This scene, my favorite, ended in ultimate sacrifice and show of faith.

Tomorrow another scene. Happy touring!

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