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Today we begin our discussion of Legend of the Firefish, book one of The Trophy Chase series (Harvest House), by George Bryan Polivka.

Back Cover Copy:

Firefish by George Bryan Polivka

Packer Throme longs to bring prosperity back to his poor fishing village by discovering the trade secrets of Scat Wilkins, a notorious pirate who now seeks to hunt the legendary Firefish and sell its rare meat
Packer begins his quest by stowing away aboard Scat’s ship, the Trophy Chase, bound for the open sea. Though he is armed with a hard-won mastery of the sword and the love of Panna Seline, daughter of a priest of the kingdom of Nearing Vast, many tests of his courage and his resolve will follow—beginning when the young voyager is discovered by Scat himself.

Will belief and vision be enough for Packer Throme to survive? And will Talon, the Drammune warrior woman who serves as Scat’s security officer, be Packer’s deliverance. . .or his death?

And what of the innocent young Panna Selina? In her determination not to lose Packer, she leaves home to follow the man she loves but is soon swept up in a perilous adventure of her own. This heroic struggle of faith makes The Legend of the Firefish a compelling story that will be enjoyed the world over by fans of adventure, fantasy, and well-told tales of honor sand sacrifice.

This was one of the most amazing reads! Though I have to admit, it did start out confusing for me because well, I had to go back several times on the first page, trying to figure out whose head we were in. Someone was kind enough to explain—OMNISCIENT. That threw me for a while because I’m so accustomed to reading the pure point of view. But this worked so well for the story, which I LOVED.

I have to put this up there as one of my favorites!

The sophisticated writing and mesmerizing tail drew me in immediately. In an interview (Dec., 18, 06) with Becky Miller, Harvest House editor, Nick Harrison has this to say about the characters:

I can’t say enough about Bryan’s characters. I challenge any reader to NOT care what happens to Packer and Panna….or to any of the wonderful supporting characters: Cap and Hen Hillis, Will Seline, Sam Delany, Marcus Pile, Dog Blestoe…and in the second book: Bran Mooring, Prince Ward, and even a couple of the ill-fated bad guys. Truly a magnificent job of creating living, breathing characters.

. He couldn’t be more right on. All of the characters came alive. I could just see all of the pirates. Their actions well motivated. And in fact, their actions were motivated from deep within, nothing was left to the superficial. Tomorrow, I’ll discuss my favorite scene in the book.
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