CSFF Blog Tour: Mind Flights

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To all my CSFF friends out there, I’m sorry that I’m posting so late for the tour.

Mindlights is (In their words) “A new magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction brought to you by Double-Edged Publishing. We’ve recently combined two award-winning magazines – Dragons, Knights, and Angels and The Sword Review – into one frequently-updated, high-quality magazine.

Here’s a look at just a few of this month’s offering:

Haiku by Karen A. Romanko, Poetry – Speculative
Announcing MindFlights Poetry Contest 2008 by DEP Staff, Editorial – Writing
On the Edge of Eternity by Steve Stanton, Fiction – Science Fiction
Heart of Flesh by Michael Bonett, Jr. Fiction – Fantasy
Knight of Sorrows: Poisoned Thorns by Jonathan Moeller Fiction – Fantasy
Martian Weather by Mary Jo Rabe Poetry – Science Fiction
Takin’ Notice by Susan Plett Fiction – Speculative

There’s much more at this magazine plus you can discuss everything at the forums!

I would love to feature some of the artwork here, but I didn’t get permission.

Check out the other participants:
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Timothy Wise


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  1. Bard at Work


    So wonderful to hear from you. Actually you’re the only one I’ve heard from on this tour. But it’s my first, so I don’t have any expectations.

    Oh, I’d love to ‘ring’ you up. But when my hard drive crashed in March, I lost most of my contacts. Guess this is a good way to recover your phone# and snail mail address.

    Just send them to: lwichman1@new.rr.com

    I also want to know how to connect to the fiction review blog and other blog rings that you’d recommend. I’m getting my feet wet–again.

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