CSFF Blog Tour: Randy Ingermanson’s Double Vision

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Randy Ingermanson is one of my favorites authors. I can’t wait to see something new from him. Oxygen was the first review I wrote and in a way, started my “writing career.” I love Randy’s writing and his characters and I consider him my “absentee mentor.” Isn’t that what Karen Hancock calls Dean Koontz? Her absentee mentor? I may have that name wrong. But you get what I’m saying.

Double Vision was definitely a fun read, especially after reading his Retribution–a very life-changing tale about forgiveness. (I think next to the Bible, Retribution should be required reading for every Christian).

I especially enjoy all of the great science that Randy puts into his novels and in Double Vision, it’s the multiple universe. Awesome stuff . Maybe tomorrow I’ll include some excerpts of the science from Double Vision!

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  1. Randy Ingermanson

    Hi Beth:

    Thanks for your comments! I appreciate that. Yes, Retribution was a pretty heavy book, and it took a lot out of me to write it, so I was glad to do Double Vision next–a lot lighter, and more opportunities to tell jokes.

    I’m glad I’ve been able to mentor you in some way. I suspect you’ve sent me more emails than Karen Hancock has sent Dean Koontz, though. Thank you! I always have appreciated your enthusiasm for my writing, and I’m looking forward to publishing some new books in the near future. I have a fun one on the auction block now, and also another deep one–about the life of Jesus–that I think is my best work yet. It’s the one I like best, anyway.

    Keep writing, Beth, and never give up. Never, ever, ever.


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