CSFF Blog Tour: Randy Mortensen and Landon Snow

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Last day for the CSFF Blog tour featuring Randy Mortenson’s Newest release: Landon Snow and the Island of Arcanum.

Publicized as a non-sorcerous alternative to the Harry Potter series, the Landon Snow novels use Biblical passages as the vehicle through which the Auctor — God — provides Landon with hints about his next adventure, and it is hope and faith, rather than magic, that the characters rely on for their success. While the Landon Snow novels don’t offer the complexity and depth of Potter’s world of wizards and Muggles, they are prosocial fantasy adventures that emphasize faith and family and avoid the moral shades of gray that have disturbed some Christians about the Potter novels.

If this sounds familiar that’s because I stole it from The Mir’s blog and she got it from here.
If you think like me about certain sorcerer books, then the above statement will impact you as it did me. I’m excited to have alternatives for my children to read.

Don’t forget the list of participants two posts down. If you haven’t visit others on the tour, please do.

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