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I can’t tell you how pleased I am that Return of the Guardian King has finally arrived! And I thoroughly enjoyed it. . .the ending to the entire series did not disappoint–it ended as it should, with all the glory you’d expect for any “return of the king” story!

I remember after reading Arena, I couldn’t wait to read Karen’s next book and I even recall my elation at seeing The Light of Eidon for the first time in the bookstore. I really wanted to see more books like this in Christian bookstores.

Now here we are on book four and the conclusion of the series.
I had hoped and planned to post all of the book reviews I’ve written for the Legend of the Guardian King series, but the links at Dancingword.net (where my reviews are posted) are down for now.

Still, the blog tour will be replete with many reviews. I believe Shannon McNear is posting an interview with Karen, but first, visit her original interview at Christian Fandom. As always be sure to read Becky Milller’s blog, and Mirtika Schultz who are never lacking in relevant content. All of these links can be found below along with a multitude of other participants.

Hopefully, before the end of the tour, I will be able to post all of my reviews as well as a review of The Return of the Guardian King.

In the meantime, I thought it would be great fun to run a small contest (of sorts). I’d love to hear from you which of Karen’s books, specifically which scene, affected you most in spiritual terms. In each of her books (including Arena) I’ve found that I think about the story and my perception of God in my life. Each book has spoken to me–to the specific spiritual journey that I’m traveling at the time. I’m still mulling over Return of the Guardian King and the deep messages within. So, I can’t as yet comment on that. The Shadow Within affected me deeply. It seemed that during that period of my life, the Lord was speaking to me through the words of that book.

If I have time to go back through the book, I’ll try to search for specific phrase and be more to the point.

Regarding the contest (of sorts) I’ll choose one of the comments to win a free copy of any of Karen’s books. (if they’re not sold out)

Happy Touring!

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  1. Rebecca

    Great idea for a contest (of sorts)!!! I can’t think straight at the moment (too early, not enough coffee), but I’ll try to sift through all the moments – well, you know, probably for me it’s more a character who spoke to me, all the moments with her. I saw so many of my own thoughts echoed in Carissa. I found myself chuckling over her “moments of self-pity,” thinking, “Yeah, that line of thinking really *is* silly, isn’t it?”

  2. Karen Hancock

    I have to echo Rebecca — neat idea for a contest. It’s always amazing to me the different ways different people respond to the same books. And sometimes, the different ways the same people respond to the same books over time… Thanks for this addition to the tour.

  3. Momofkings

    I have two scenes that I’ve kept with me…The first is near the end of Shadow Over Kiriath when Abramm is being tortured to renounce his faith. At first he says he will renounce and they cover his shield with pigskin. He talks to Eidon, repents, and the shield shines forth again. It just makes me think of His promise to be faithful to us, even when we are weak and not always faithful.

    The second scene is in Return and I don’t want to post a spoiler. LOL

  4. Becky

    I think the one that has stayed with me is Abramm’s “conversion” scene, when he takes the light. I love that so much because he’d been striving for so long and none of his striving was bringing what he wanted.


  5. Beth Goddard

    Okay. . I haven’t gone back to look at the book yet. . but it’s coming back to me. The scene that spoke the most (The Shadow Within) to me was when he had to face the Morwhol (sp?) and he had to just let go of his own control. . .as scary as that was with that hideous creature in his face. And through Abramm’s surrender, Eidon destroyed the creature. If I got that wrong, forgive my memory.

    I was going through so much at the time and it seemed I was trying to do battle on my own.

  6. WayneThomasBatson

    Wow, now I need to add three more books to my TBR pile. This is the pile that threatens to topple over and crush me and my wife while we sleep.

    But you know, having too many good books to read…isn’t such a bad problem to have.

  7. Shannon

    I, too, like the scene at the end of Shadow over Kiriath … wait, should I say like?? But when Abramm is faced with the choice to renounce his faith, and doesn’t, and then goes on to lose everything … I remember the morning after finishing that volume, I was in the shower, thinking of that scene and the song “Grace Like Rain” came to my mind … it brought me to tears to realize that once again I had to surrender my own fear of pain and loss, and for the Lord to reassure me that even in the midst of whatever awfulness He might call me to walk through, *He would be there with me.*

  8. Darleen

    To ask which scene I found the most spiritual in its effect is like asking a thirsty man after is his fill which drop of water was most refreshing. The characters themselves each held a spiritual lamp for me. I was able to feed upon them throughout the books. A couple of us read the books at the same time and found great spiritual discussion and times of prayer as it open spiritual understanding in our own lives. Wouldn’t it be great if our spiritual lives were so clear cut and visible as some of the imagery we read, from annoying staffids like the cares of the day that need to be warded off, and squashed without so much a glance as Trap manages in the tavern, or the morwhol made from pieces of our own flesh, a true ravenous weapon in the hands of our enemy, perfected for our own personal destruction. I could go on and on, but if I must settle my enlightenment to one scene, it would be Abramm and Trap back to back in the arena, victorious, fighting as one, unity of strength, and heart, mocked and ridiculed by all, yet an impenetrable force in the hand of God.

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