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As promised I’m posting a review of at least one of Karen’s previous books in the series. Alas,
I ‘m lamenting because I can’t find my review of her first book in the series, written several years ago, Light of Eidon. This makes no sense to me because I did, in fact, review Arena, which came out before Light of Eidon. I’m hoping to post that review tomorrow. I’m also still searching for my review of The Shadow Within, also lost in cyberspace. My sincere apologies.

May I suggest Sharon Hinck’s review of Light of Eidon.

In the meantime, here is my review of Karen’s previous book in the series:

Shadow Over Kiriath

In Shadow Over Kiriath, Karen Hancock’s third book in her Legends of the Guardian-King series, Abramm Kalladorne finally steps into his destiny as king. Filled with doubts about his appearance after the battle with the morwhol left his face hideously scarred and his left arm useless, Abramm must once again learn to trust in Eidon’s ability to direct his life. Upon Abramm’s coronation, a great display of the Light secures his kingship and scatters the rhu’ema-filled Mataions. Yet half of the realm is of the Mataio persuasion, and the rhu’ema have their plans to overthrow him in place.

With the Shadow hovering dangerously near Kiriath, Abramm agrees to a treaty with neighboring Chesedh, which includes his marriage to the First Daughter. The rhu’ema work to destroy Abramm by bringing to light his feelings for Lady Madeleine. Only she is Second Daughter and Abramm cannot hope to marry her and keep the needed treaty. But Eidon can take all that the rhu’ema meant for destruction and turn it into fulfilled dreams. When Abramm holds all his desires tightly in his grasp, he realizes he now has much more to lose. I enjoyed the fantasy and the romantic conflict in this novel. But because I love the characters so much, it was difficult to read through the final conflict. Still, Hancock does not disappoint because in the end, we know that Abramm will return.
(You may find this review here.)

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  1. Rebecca

    That’s a great review – I sure do hope you find the others! That’s so frustrating.

    And this is attempt #3 at getting the word verification right. ARGH am I bad at typing nonsensical letters!

  2. Becky

    I hope you find your review of Shadow Within. I think that’s the one least commented about during the tour. (Poor second child!). LOL


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