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“Mark,” I whispered, tugging his sleeve so he’d lean down, “why all this empty space?” In this very funtctional and practical world, the extravagance and luxury were a startling contrast.

Mark put his mouth so close to my ear that his words tickled. “It’s to leave room for the One. This is where we welcome Him.”

God, how can you make me feel so hungry and so full at the same time? And why do I want to run toward you when I also want to run away?

The above lines from The Restorer–just some of the reasons I love Christian fantasy. Revelation that can only come through parables. There was a spiritual theme. . .a scripture, in fact, that resonated throughout the book for me. It’s not referred to in the novel, just something I saw in the story. But believing that there was no way I could forget, I failed to write it down. Like Susan Mitchell, I am a “soccer mom” so perhaps being preoccupied and overwhelmed makes me prone to forgetfulness. Please pray with me that I remember before the end of this blog tour.

I remember how excited we were several months ago (or has it been a year?) when we heard that NavPress had signed Sharon Hinck’s The Sword of Lyric Series. Finally, I received my copy of The Restorer. I know as a mom myself, I was anxious to read a fantasy through the eyes of someone with whom I could totally relate.

Like you, I’m hoping The Restorer will be the beginning of a new trend for the CBA–Christian fantasy!

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  1. Sharon Hinck

    Hi, Beth!
    I hope you think of the scripture…
    You quoted from my favorite scene. Yipee!
    The theme of surrender resurfaces in my own Christian walk again and again. I’m often startled to find that what is holding me back from deeper trust in God is my lack of true awareness of how deep His love is. Or I’m aware, but then keep forgetting…

    But then, like you, I’m an overwhelmed mom so forgetting is par for the course. 🙂

  2. GarthTrekker

    Beth, I was wondering if I could reprint your interview with Stephen Lawhead from Favorite PASTimes in an upcoming issue of a new Christian speculative fiction ezine I’m starting. I’m going to review Hood and introduce the next book in the series, Scarlet. Do I need to get that blog’s permission as well? Let me know, thanks! Lyn from Bloggin’ Outloud – lyngperry @ yahoo.com

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