CSFF Blog Tour: Stephen Lawhead’s Scarlet

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Welcome to the CSFF Blog Tour featuring Stephen Lawhead’s Scarlet, the second book in his King Raven trilogy.

I count Stephen Lawhead as one of my two favorite authors, Song of Albion my all-time favorite read. I adored Byzantium as well. Now I can add Scarlet to that list. I had hoped to post an interview with him but I don’t have it in my hands yet and I’m not sure that I will for this tour. So I’m including the link to the interview I did with him last year regarding Hood over at Favorite Pastimes. The link is also included at Stephenlawhead.com under interviews. But it will only take you to the first part of the interview. Click below for both parts of my interview with Stephen Lawhead.

Interview Part 1
Interview Part 2

Later today or tomorrow I’ll post my review of Scarlet and I hope to discuss what I love about his other books.

You can visit Stephen’s website at http://www.stephenlawhead.com

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