Debut Author, Deborah Vogts

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Have you read Deborah Vogts new book, Snow Melts in Spring?

The writing is smooth as honey and if you never thought Kansas had anything to offer, think again. Deborah writes with a country voice, almost historical, but true country, the heartland does have a tendency to take us back, to slow us down. And that’s what we hear in Deborah’s voice–like a warm slice of apple pie in the kitchen, the curtain flapping as a breeze picks up from the rainstorm approaching in the distance. Okay, well, I tried my hand at it, and I don’t have the touch, but Deborah does.

She writes from her experiences with life and . . .with horses. On their small ranch in Kansas, she and her family raise quarter horses. Many people know her simply from her blog, Country at Heart–even the name just makes you feel all happy inside. She even includes recipes.

Yes, Deborah is a dearly-beloved friend. We’ve been roommates at the ACFW writing conference every year since I don’t know when. But even if these things were not so, I wouldn’t change a word I’ve said about her. I invite you to purchase a copy of Snow Melts in Spring.

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