Discovering the Source

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I wish I knew what sort of vitamins I took or what food combination I ate today that put me in such a great mood. I feel wonderful–both physically and spiritually. I’m energetic and though I didn’t accomplish all that much, honestly, I’m brimming with joy. Okay, so it must be God. In the midst of an incredible trial–one that requires a huge leap of faith–I’m full of joy!!! I’m too lazy to look that up right now, but there must be a Bible verse about it somewhere, right? Maybe when I am weak, He is strong. . .

I had planned to work on a summary for the anthology I mentioned earlier, but instead I helped a friend work on her dreaded synopsis. Maybe that was it. . .just giving to others, preferring others. The Kingdomof God is a paradox. . .it is better to give than to receive, the last shall be first, to lead you must serve, etc.

Of course, I’ve crossed the threshold in the fantasy which I already mentioned so it should be smooth-writing until the end for that. (yeah right) So my mind is already chewing on that next story–the one that I dreamed about a couple of weeks ago. I thought I’d share with you the picture that inspired it. Can’t tell you more. Maybe later.

Okay, so in writing this post, I’ve figured out the ingredient, the source of my joy(and that there is a purpose for blogging!)

I made a conscious choice today to rest in Him. Sometimes we do have to gird ourself as warriors, and sometimes we have to rest. We have to be in tune to His voice to know which it is. In my particular situation, and at this point in time, all I’m required to do is just rest in Him, sit back and watch how He will work it all out. I can’t wait to see what He does. . .and to glorify Him.

There is one that is closer than a brother. . . He loves us individually, we are his favorite ones!


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