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Today Becky Miller’s blog focuses on some of the books that Tim has not included in his focus on fantasy section, including Kathy Mackel’s Outriders. I want to discuss a series that I have greatly enjoyed, though there has been some disagreement about the standard of writing in these books. Still, I agree with Tim’s comments regarding The Binding of the Blade series by L.B. Graham:

L.B. Graham has taken on a monumental task: a five-volume Christian fantasy epic, a story that will probably stretch over 2500 pages. Based on the first two books, I think he can do it.

The style (and at least one plot point) borrows liberally from J.R.R. Tolkien and Stephen Lawhead. This is definitely aimed at older readers (primarily visitors to Middle Earth and perhaps other secular fantasy worlds) and not children who have just come from Narnia.

The world and its history are sweeping and vast. Graham does an excellent job of setting up events and foreshadowing things yet to come without being blatant about it. There is surely much more of interest to come in this series.

I would encourage you to read these books. I received the third book, Shadow in the Deep this week and can’t wait to get to it. It goes at the top of my TBR pile. I also encourage you to read more about this series at
Tim’s site.

For a list of other blog tour links, go to my sidebar. I’ve listed some of them there, so I won’t have to continue to add them to my posts. There are others that I need to add as well.


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