Fantasy Blog tour ends for May. . .Stay tuned. . .

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. . .For June. That’s right, we’re done for this month, but we will start again in June. So stay tuned for announcements. In addition to focusing on websites, we’ll have book reviews and author interviews.

I think the recent topics that arose out of fantasy discussions are quite intriguing, and I’d love to continue discussing them. For now, I have to take care of the business of announcing the book winner for posting comments on my blog. Of course, it was a simple matter of pulling names out of a hat . .drum roll please. . .E-Mom–You are the blessed winner of OUTRIDERS. If you haven’t before read any Christian fantasy, I know you will enjoy this one. Plus, it was written with teenagers in mind, so if you have them, share it.

I apologize for the delay in announcing this, I’m diligently working on the proposal to send for the Genesis contest–I’m afraid I’m running out of time.

On another note, I’d like to take the opportunity to draw your attention to my awesome new website, put together by my wonderful husband, Dan Goddard. It’s in flash, so if you don’t have high speed connection, it might take a while to download–the first time. After that it’s no problem. Dan is interested in offering his skills to others with interest. We’re still working to add content, so be patient. I’m also considering moving my blog to the website.

I look forward to getting back “on topic” tomorrow.


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