Fearless Review

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Title: Fearless
Author: Robin Parrish
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
ISBN: 0-7642-0178-6
Genre: Suspense

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Robin Parrish’s sequel to Relentless, Fearless begins with the world in chaos and Grant Borrows, along with his motley crew of ring bearers, hiding from the government. With so much worldwide destruction, the authorities believe the new super humans are to blame. But the populace who witnesses the work the super humans do to save others, have a different theory—Grant is a super hero and Guardian is his name.

Grant and his gang are on a mission to discover who is causing the chaos, and why their lives have been Shifted. Who and what is the Secretum of Six? If you haven’t read the first book, it would be difficult to jump into this one.

Grant’s sister, Julie becomes increasingly ill as the group travels to London where they believe they will find more clues and where the Secretum is headquartered. They find a way through the barrier surrounding London and begin their search at the ancient library, which ultimately leads them to more trouble, secrets, and clues. Grant has been labeled the “Bringer” by the ancient organization, and those around him begin to worry that he may be the cause of the disasters devastating the earth.

But like so many prophecies and premonitions, future knowledge and the effort to stop what must come, seems to be the very catapult that brings about the prophecy. Grant Borrows, Guardian or Bringer, is no different and his insatiable need to know what is happening, drives him to walk the path the Secretum has chosen for him, despite his best efforts.

Robin Parrish has taken the super hero premise and weaved in an ancient prophetic mystery, giving the story an added spiritual dimension. If you enjoy action and adventure movies, you’ll enjoy the Dominion Trilogy. Be warned, the books are not complete of themselves and end with an enormous cliffhanger.


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