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Thanks to all of you who visited Lisa Harris’s interview with me this week. If you’re interested in possibly winning two books from Lisa, there might still be time to comment on her blog for those. Also, I’m hoping to reveal a new website soon. I do have a flash site which I think is most beautiful, but it’s also most impractical.

On another topic, over the past few years I’ve become a news fanatic. . it’s almost a religion with me. I simply MUST have my coffee and watch “my” news in the morning before I’m good for anything else. And the strange thing is on the day that I miss the news, something horrible happens. For instance I missed the Tsunami in Idonesia. Now I don’t honestly believe that my missing that day has anything at all to do with it, but that is just one example of many. . .so you see my point.

But why does news always have to be bad? It doesn’t, according to one reporter. Daryn Kagan, a previous CNN reporter recently quit her day job (at CNN) and launched a website featuring Good News!

Here’s one such story entitled Secret Santa Revealed:

35 years ago, a hungry and homeless young man walked into a diner in Houston, Mississippi. A single act of kindness changed that young man’s life forever. He became a successful businessman and created a second life as a Secret Santa, anonymously giving away more than $1.3 million. Read why this Secret Santa is finally revealing his identity.

To read more of the Santa story or Daryn’s good news visit her site at
I think it’ s a FAB idea!


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