From Nanowrimo to Nahoclemo

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If you’re not familiar with the acronym nanowrimo it means NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth and takes place during the month of November. If you ask me, that’s one of the worst months to attempt such a project because the holidays are looming large.

Nevertheless I committed to this task. But because I’m given to a type of rebellion that manifests itself in the form of procastination, that’s exactly what I’ve done. Instead of writing my novel, I’ve been cleaning like a mad woman.

A friend suggested that I change from nanowrimo to nahoclemo–NAtional HOme CLEaning MOnth.

Perhaps after the holidays we will take on this new concept, nahoclemo, officially.


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  1. Mirtika

    My house is in such chaos, that *I* don’t even want to live here anymore. So, after NaNo, I need NaNoCleMo. No, I kid you not.

    I guess December is up for the honors.


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