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So in my previous post, I explained that I decided to listen to my heart, listen to the Lord and get back to writing that fantasy, even though there is controversy surrounding whether or not Science Fiction and Fantasy will make it in the Christian Book Market. I’m thrilled to tell you that the Lord honord my decision and confirmed it to me this week. I received “the call” informing me that my fantasy is indeed a finalist in the Genesis contest.

Science Fiction/Fantasy/Speculative Fiction
(there was a 2-way tie, hence six rather than five finalists):

Beth Goddard
Rebecca Grabill
Shannon McNear
Rebecca LuElla Miller
Mirta Ana Schultz
Sherry Thompson

So celebrate with me. I’m in awe of God’s grace. . .because let me tell you that finalling is really not about whether your writing is superior. Sure, you should have descent abilities—but truly, it comes from getting judges who happen to favor your piece. . .and getting them at the same time! Now, that is the grace of God.

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  1. Mirtika

    Well, you know I’m thrilled that a few of those names are my pals from the ACFW forum. 🙂

    I know you’re right, too. It is about finding judges who favor you. A perfectly good manuscript could get someone on a bad day and score poorly. Or get someone who hates elves, and just knocks off points for an elf story, or has an issue with pushy heroines or passive heroes, etc.

    When I did judging, I read the entries each, then read them again on different days. If it wasn’t appealing to me on a day, I waited a while and read it again. I wanted to be as fair with my own “mood” as I could be. I know that the thing you don’t want to read one day, well, give it a couple weeks and it seems more palatable. I’ve had that happen with books.

    As far as CBA SF/F…. I live in hope, but my pessimist streak keeps trying to overwhelm it.

    I wish I had a knack for jolly y/a fantasy. That would be more viable. But I like darker fantasy, adult-oriented fantasy, fantasy with creepy elements and romantic issues.

    Oh, well.

    Good luck to us both and to dear Shannon as we write and write. 😀

  2. Beth Goddard

    Hey Mir!

    You know I never thought of that before–reading the entries on a different day. You must be a judge extraordinaire!

    And as far as your tastes in SFF. . .again I say that you can NOT know who will win. I think it was Shannon who reminded me of the verse. . The race isn’t to the swift. .

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