I got my copy!

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. . . of Lorena McCourtney’s new book, that is–Your Chariot Awaits: An Andi McConnell Mystery. Dear Lorena brought it to me at church this morning. That’s right, I’m privileged to live in the same town with her:)

I can’t wait to read this new series. Here’s the back cover blurb.

A new “cozy mystery” series featuring a woman and her limousine!

In the course of one week, Andi McConnell turns 60, loses her job due to a merger, breaks up with her boyfriend, inherits a limousine, and then the body of her ex-boyfriend is discovered in the trunk.

Andi begins a diligent–if often bumbling and humorous–attempt to locate the killer. If nothing else, she’ll keep the cops from trying to blame it on her. Throw in the friendship and assistance of Fitz, a former TV private eye, and this one-time insurance agent turned sleuth is the perfect combination of fun and mystery.

You can read the first chapter a here.

Be sure to check back to read the book review and an interview with Lorena!


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