I’m Starting a Street Team

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It takes “a village” to write a novel. Sure, the writer gets the words on paper, but he or she bounces ideas off friends and family and experts to get there. Agents and editors take it from there.

And it takes a village to make that novel a success. Years ago, a book’s success could be attributed to a publisher’s marketing efforts. That, and word-of-mouth. But we-the-people have a lot of power in the digital age. So I’m building my village, or street team.

If you enjoy my novels, I’d love for you to be involved.

First, it’s fun and it’s free!

As a street team member your basic responsibility is simply to become an influencer. It’s all about marketing and spreading the news about my books. That includes, but isn’t limited it:

Writing reviews for Amazon, CBD, Goodreads, NovelCrossing, and other review sites, and sharing about the book on social media. The list goes on and is only limited by our imaginations.

And in return, you get to join a private Facebook group for my street team where you’ll get exclusive content, and receive a copy of my book when I get it–which means early. You’ll get all that– plus you’ll be automatically entered in my street team contests which will include fun prizes.

I’m sending out copies of my new release, Wilderness Peril, now. So please consider joining. Space is limited and is already filling up.

If you’re interested in joining my team, email me on my contact form on this website, or contact me on my author Facebook page.

I look forward to hearing from you!




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