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This is the last day of the Trackers blog tour, and I’ve already posted but I’ve gotta few things to add. There are some very informative reviews to read on various blogs such as Stuart Stockton and Becky Miller. As always Karen Hancock has an interesting read. Shannon McNear posted the letter she intends to send to WestBow Press. Valerie Comer posted a response from Kathy regarding the cancellation of her third book in the series. Make sure you’ve read these. And I have a review to post. My reviews are also posted over at Dancingword.net so they follow a specific format.

Title: Trackers
Author: Kathryn Mackel
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 1-59554-040-7
Genre: Christian Fantasy

Trackers is Kathryn Mackel’s second book in the Birthrighters Project. The young men and women sent out from the ark below the ice in Outriders, continue their responsibilities of gathering species from God’s original creation amidst a world filled with warlords, mutants and now an ancient evil. But not only must they fight against this evil, they must struggle with their own desires—desires that could destroy their mission and leave them exposed.

Tracker Timothy manipulates the others, convincing Niki and a rook to enter Baron Alrod’s palace in order to retrieve the secretive shroud, when his real intentions are to rescue Dawnray, the woman the baron has taken for his “lolly.” The rook, Anastasia, discovers a young man indentured to the sorcerer Ghedo, who dreams of good though knows only evil. While Timothy’s group penetrates the palace, Brady and his crew work to save a small village against the darkest evil they’ve faced yet. Brady must accomplish this while learning to trust Ajoba to be obedient. A new twist in Trackers is that Ghedo must face his own worst fear—being unseated by a more powerful sorcerer.

The novel is filled with graphic images of a world gone wrong. With each character Mackel takes great care to delve into their deepest desires and weakness, but views them from the light of the Cross. I enjoy the creativity of this author because I never know what will happen next. Though the darkness is the blackest of evils, Mackel relies on the brightest of Lights to dispel it, something I’d love to see in more novels. The redemptive value of the story deeply blessed me.


PS I’ll announce the winner of the two-book set soon.

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