LeAnne Hardy Interview

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I’m interviewing LeAnne Hardy, author of Glastonbury Tor, over at Favorite Pastimes this week. Here’s an excerpt:

What is the message you hope to get across in the story?

I needed a character who was strongly motivated to stay at the monastery until the bitter end, even though any young person at the time would be able to see there was little future in it. Colin’s bitterness against his demanding and abusive father seemed like a good motive. Gradually, the whole theme of forgiveness came into focus—not only Colin’s need to forgive, but also his need to be forgiven. Plenty of other characters in the book are called upon to forgive as well, and it is Colin’s experience receiving forgiveness that sets him free to give it. But the overwhelming message I want to get across is the power and glory of our great God who forgives and makes it possible for us to forgive—that King greater than Arthur that I fell in love with as a teen. After being a Christian center for fifteen hundred years, Glastonbury, today, is overrun with New Age theology. Horoscopes are routinely included with your B&B. The last time I was there we had to step around the crystals on the Tor. I would love to claim it back for Jesus Christ.

Michelle Sutton reviews the book there as well and if you post a comment at Favorite pastimes you can be eligible to win a copy of Glastonbury Tor.

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