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Years ago we started a new tradition for our family–seeing a movie on Thanksgiving Day. Sometimes it’s the day before or after, but it’s our holiday movie tradition. This year my family, along with my brother’s family, went to see FROZEN for our movie. Even though our kids are teenagers and in their early twenties, we all love the Disney movies. (Though maybe the men only tolerated for the sake of tradition.)

I love snow and ice and mountains and princess stories, so of course it was a good mix for me. The story emphasized not getting engaged to someone you have only known for a day, which is a new and interesting twist for Disney movies. It’s possible the movies have been moving toward this the last few years, but I’m not a princess movie expert. That title belongs to my daughter!

Many a Disney princess movie comes to mind on that one. And you know what? I would be okay if they left things as is, instead of caving to our culture and political correctness. On the other hand, maybe it’s refreshing they are willing to change with the times.


I won’t spoil the ending for you, but it was refreshing as well. I loved the twist at the end, but I could have done with a few less songs. It seemed to me that every other scene, someone had to sing.

But what kept me entertained and engaged throughout was Olaf the snowman. Without a doubt he stole the show!

My husband and I decided Martin Short was the voice and genius behind Olaf. Turns out we were both wrong, and it was a much younger actor, Josh Gad. I wonder if he’s a Martin Short fan.

In the end, everyone in the family laughed a lot. The teenage girls cried. I’d say FROZEN lived up to the Disney reputation.



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    1. Post
      Beth Goddard

      I know, right? That’s why I was a little surprised the guys went too. But they went for the “kids” and we had fun. Went to see Catching Fire last night–I’ll need to post a review on that one too.

  1. Kara Grant

    Loved your comments on this one, what a GREAT tradition you and your family have! Sounds like the perfect movie to me 🙂 Smiling big time when you said mentioned the songs are in every other scene, still I could use the laughing this movie is sure to inspire 🙂 Olaf looks hilarious in the trailer! So glad you all had fun watching this one, very cool 🙂

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