Special Promotion of Fossil Hunter

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I sent out a newsletter today but failed to include a special promotion. This is from Mr. Olson himself:

Tell your friends that if they read Fossil Hunter and love it and want to tell their friends about it (and CC me on the emails they send out), I’ll write them back personally and send every one of them a random, quirky and sometimes bizarre token of my appreciation. The best, most creative, widely broadcast and all around most effective recommendations I get (as judged by my wife Amy), will be awarded brand spankin’ new iPod Touches.

1.) SEE THE MOVIE: Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
2.) PURCHASE Fossil Hunter from www.fossilhunternovel.com on MAY 1, 2008
3.) TELL YOUR FRIENDS and copy John in on the email
4.) possibly WIN an iPod Touch!

Now scroll to the next post and read an interview with John Olson.

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