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This week I’m still editing (still writing and fleshing out) Winter Wonderland (A Grand Teton Sleigh Ride)—and wow, I’ve learned so much about the 1920’s to write this story. First of all, just because something happened in the Roaring Twenties, didn’t mean it happened in Jackson’s Hole (as it was called then). But that’s another blog post.

I’m happy to report I’m having great fun with the characters, especially with my heroine who is a professional photographer. What is it with me and photographer characters?

I’m amazed at how much technology changed in the twenties, and that so many changes occurred in 1929, which is the time period I selected for this story. One change in particular was considered “The Square idea that changed photographic History.” (http://www.rolleiclub.com/cameras/tlr/info/)

That is, the Rolleiflex Twin Lens Reflex pictured here. It was easier to operate, lighter weight, and higher quality—every serious photographer had to have one, including my heroine, Ann Kirkland.

And that, as they say, is history.

I’m starting to love researching for my historical, though, at first it intimidated me. I have some amazingly awesome photographs from time I spent in Jackson and Yellowstone and had planned to upload one photo tonight, but for some reason, it kept loading upside down no matter what I tried. So maybe I’ll have that figured out by my next post and share some of the “winter wonderland” I’ve experienced while there.



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  1. Katrina

    Great post. Sounds like your having alot of fun with your research. I can never take good pictures. I always blame it on the camera, but my family knows better.lol

    1. Post
      Beth Goddard

      Oh me neither, especially since I’m taking pictures with an iPhone now. LOL But these other pictures are pretty old, and I don’t remember what camera I was using on my trips to Jackson.

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