The homeschooling-multi-children-novel-writing-moms syndrome

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Have you ever noticed that there are quite a few homeschooling moms who also write novels, many even published. I’m one of them. . .well not published (in novels anyway) but I homeschool several children and I write novels. I suppose that the love of books is just one reason many moms choose to homeschool their children.

Walls covered with overfilled bookshelves, books stacked against empty wall-space or piled high on top of the nightstand and next to it–these are some of the outward symptoms of the homeschooling-multi-children-novel-writing moms syndrome. Though I’m sure many homeschooling moms that don’t write novels have this same problem, they don’t suffer from the myriad of symptoms that plague the HMCNW moms.

HMCNW moms suffer through:

1) Guilt. Even though she’s jut spent hours devoting her attention to her children, she is still plagued with the overwhelming guilt that she’s taking time away from them by focusing on her writing endeavors.

2)Guilt. She’s devoted all of her energies to homeschooling and novel writing, but has no energy left to adequatly clean the house.

3)Guilt. Wouldn’t it be more important to do a sewing project with her daughter, or build a castle with the boys?

4)Strung out on caffeine

5)Perpetually tired

6)Wild swings between the two

7)Stacks of papers everywhere there is a flat spot and even on top of the books

8)Eyes glazed over because her mind continues to formulate her next scene or book idea.

9)Spending every extra penny on books

10)Guilt. Her children have to call her name 10 times because she’s in her “other world”.

11)Guilt. For sitting in bed staring at her laptop instead of floating around the house like June Cleaver.

I polled another HMCNW mom, Shannon McNear, to make sure I included most of the symptoms these poor women suffer. There is no cure when you’re called to homeschool your children and to write. You simply must stay the course and suffer through attempting to balance life upon an inadequate scale.

If you are a HMCNW or know one, I’d love to hear about symptoms that you’ve suffered not currently on my list.

When you read a novel written by a HMCNW mom, remember the heart of what’s gone into writing it.

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  1. :-)Ronie

    Oh, I am sooo there on the HMCNW syndrome. LOLOL

    And *WAH* I wish i could participate on the Kathy Tyers blog tour. *sniffle* I wish I had more hours in my day to do stuff like that. It’s so depressing being on the outside looking in. 😀

  2. Shannon

    OOoh! I thought of some more.

    Guilt: she spends more time with her high schooler, because his work is more demanding now (and COUNTS toward an actual transcript with actual grades!), but one or more of the younger kids was ready to learn to read a year ago.

    Guilt: she spends more time with the younger kids, catching them up on phonics, but her middle kids are floundering in math … and one of those is approaching high school, when it will count …

    Guilt: her crit group is whining for the next chapter of her story, but homeschooling is in full swing and by the time evening rolls around, she can’t even remember what her protag’s name was, let alone his motivation …

    And speaking of motivation, who needs fiction when real life is so … interesting …

    But when all is said and done, she finds herself craving to write because at least that way, something she does *stays put.* Unlike the house.

    Which leads to more guilt … *g*

  3. pixydust

    ROFL! Oh man! Those were perfect! You so described me. Especially all the guilt ones. Lord have mercy!

    I love this one: “For sitting in bed staring at her laptop instead of floating around the house like June Cleaver.”

    It’s nice to know I’m not alone. 🙂

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