The Mountain Cove Genesis

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A couple of years ago, maybe three, I saw a news story about a helicopter pilot searching for a dangerous man on a mountain. He saw some campers in the snow, and wrote a message on his Styrofoam cup and tossed it down to warn them. (

Seems like there could have been a better way to communicate, but he was responding to the sense of urgency and improvised. Of course that set me on the story path. I created many different scenarios in my head while asking the following questions:

Who was the helicopter pilot?
Who was the marauding shooter? The killer?
What happened when they found him?
What was the campers’ reaction?
And what if there was an avalanche?

BURIED cover
These questions resulted in BURIED, the first book in a new series called Mountain Cove. Initially I called the book Avalanche.
My story took many different turns before I came up with something that I could submit to my Love Inspired Suspense editor.


As I researched, digging deeper, I came across hundreds of mountain search-and-rescue stories. I read more about the volunteers who spend countless hours training for the moment they’ll be called into action. They give their time and their own money for training and the same when called to duty.


Search-and-rescue volunteers are heroes. Wouldn’t you agree?

With so many stories and heroes swirling in my head, I could write mountain search and rescue stories forever. I hope you’ll join the adventure with this first book out of  four. I’m hoping to write six in all. I’ll share more about the next book and the cover for UNTRACEABLE in a few days!


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