The new year brings new things

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I’m excited to announce that I’ll be joining Keep Me IN Suspense, a website dedicated to all things suspense. The other hosts include Susan Page Davis, Wanda Dyson, Jeff Gerke, Lisa Harris, Lynette Sowell and Candice Speare. I’m excited about this endeavor because my first book coming out is romance yes, but it’s suspense, too. I’m working on another suspense proposal and this year I plan to write a thriller. I’m already researching on various aspects and I’m very excited and inspired to write in a way that I haven’t been in a long time.

For years I’ve had a website and a few months ago my husband created a flash site for me. It was beautiful, gorgeous, I loved to stare at it! But because it loaded very slowly and because making changes was laborious, I’ve taken the website into my own hands. It’s no longer flash, but this way I can make changes when I need to. Sometimes we have to give up beauty for efficiency. Right? So if you of a mind, please take a look at it and comment on my guestbook at my web site.


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  1. Rebecca

    Your new site is lovely!!! I had trouble with the flash loading (I’m terribly impatient) and it’s so nice to go and just be able to click things and be there. The old one was beautiful – a work of art. But I do like this one a lot. Great job!

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