The Truth

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Someoone committed a crime in our house. One of our children carved a castle into an expensive executive desk. No one would confess. Finally, my eight-year- old son decided that since, “the truth will set your free” that he would set them all free from the punishment of no playstation, movies, television, computer or phone, by telling the truth.

He did it.

That’s a tough one for any parent. I’m not sure we handled it correctly. In the end he was tearully woeful to discover that the truth set his siblings free, but not him. But he’s not old enough yet to understand that the truth, in fact, did set him free. There are still consequences to pay, but the truth did set him free. Free from the guilt he carried, knowing that he’d done wrong.

A lesson for all.

This week I’ll be blogging at Favorite Pastimes. Please join me there, first, for an interview with Lisa Harris that’s tied to an interview with both her and Lena Dooley here. Thursday, I’ll have a post over at SpecFaith.


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