The Waiting

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I have a friend who recently returned from India after a two week missions trip of sorts. She’d been invited to paint a mural on the inside of a large prayer temple and felt quite confidant that she along with her friends would be successful. I asked her about the experience to which she replied that she’d returned broken. Though she did not explain further on that count, she told me that India runs on different time than America does. They were there to paint for two full weeks, but the paint was not obtained until a week after they arrived. . .therefore they only had one week left to paint. Of course, they were not successful in the completion of the project–in their eyes. Yet, God had other plans. Other artists will contribute to the mural to create a collage of ideas and images.

That story spoke volumes to me as I wait on a project I’ve recently submitted. It is difficult living in our culture to wait on anything. Our desires are fulfilled instantly whether it’s microwave food or reaching someone on their cell while driving in the car–something in past years that would require you waited until you had access to a phone. The internet provides instant information and in many cases, much more up-to-date than the local library.

I had fully committed to devote myelf to my new writing project and forget about the recently submitted work, yet I find that impossible to do. Every day I open my email wondering if this will be the day I receive an answer. The impatience that lives within me has made itself known to me in hideous ways. . . .not only am I obssessed, I’m depressed.

I wonder how the Father sees me. My reactions are childish if nothing else. I have to wonder what He will create within me as I wait upon His timing.

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  1. L. Harris

    Waiting is so hard for me too. Living in Africa is slowly teaching me to stop, speak to a neighbor, invite someone over for tea, share with someone over dessert, just sitting and talking. Life is slow here. Things never happen when they should (right now I’m waiting for people to show up LOL) I still want to run and hurry through life, but you’re so right. God wants us to wait on him. To learn from him. To slow down and spend time with him!

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