The Zone

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Wooo hooo! I finally made almost 60K on my fantasy novel. But I’m talking rough draft. . VERY rough draft. I decided that it would be better for me to get the gist of the story down, then go back to edit, though I typically edit as I go. But with this type of story, there are so many little things that you don’t have the answer for yet, and even big things. What’s the point in editing when you don’t have all of your story yet. So, the answers are revealing themselves to me as I write. It’s been quite an enjoyable ride so far and this is why I love writing in this genre—reading it too.

Even though I hit 60K I’m still not quite in “the Zone”. . you’ve heard of the diet right? Well, I’m not talking about that. I’d relate it more to something like running. I’m a runner wannabe and I run like I write, now that I think about it. I’m trying to work up to running three miles a day. Still working on that, though. I’ve found that if I warm up for only five minutes (walking) then start running, I can’t make it too far–maybe only half a mile and then I’m dying. I’ve gotta walk another half mile, before I can run that additional mile. Did I mention I’m a wannabe? But here’s the thing. . .if I give myself a half a mile to even a mile, just walking to warm up, then I can run forever. . I’m in THE ZONE.

I’ve discovered this works for writing, too. At least my writing. And like in my running, I had hoped to work up to 3000 words a day. When I start off with that goal in mind, I never make it. Here’s the trick, if I give myself over to writing no matter how little it is, then I work into the zone and I could write forever. That is if I didn’t have four children who needed my attention. We won’t even talk about the dishes. In fact, just this minute I had to leave writing this post to go change a diaper. (not mine in case you were wondering). Now, I’ve gotta get my thoughts back into the post. Last night I had to leave my successful 13 page writing day to go watch a movie with my teenage daughter–I can at least pretend I have a life outside of writing. When the movie was over, I was no longer in the writing zone and knew it would take me a good hour to get back. I was too tired. Today, I won’t have time to work on the fantasy because. . .well. . .remember all of those blogs I keep talking about, I’ve gotta write all of those posts within the next few days.

All that is happening next week. My character, Bev Trexel’s post is up today at the Scenes and Beans blog. Then there’s the SFF blog tour coming up next week. Don’t forget to read the posts on the Favorite Pastimes historical blog and the Speculative Faith blog. You can find those links in my sidebar. I guess you could say I’m in the blogging zone right now.

Regarding the image, I’ll have to edit my post later to add where I found that. I LOVE fantasy art. . it so inspires me!


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