Treasure Hunt!

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First things first. I’ll announce the winner of one of Marylu Tyndall’s book tomorrow. So, if you haven’t commented and are interested in possibly winning, please comment now:)

Interested in participating in a treasure hunt, and possibly winning valuable prizes?

A Treasure Hunt begins on Shout life on September 15, 2007 at Roseanna M. White’s blog site .
The first twelve winners will receive autographed copies of Sanctuary, a long historical novel about the Huguenots by Molly Noble Bull. Sanctuary will be published in trade paperback on September 15, 2007.

It’s easy to win. Here are the rules.
Visit all twelve blog sites listed below, beginning with Roseanna M. White’s site. At each site, you will find a question and an answer. Read both carefully. You will also see a star by the sentence in each answer where the main clue can be found. Copy or cut and paste the sentence with the main clue in it to your answer sheet. When you have collected all the answers found at the 12 blog sites, send your answers to the Christian Review of Books’ ShoutMail.

The Treasure Hunt begins on September 15, 2007 – the day Sanctuary will be published. From Rosanna White’s blog, you will be told where to go for the next clue. However all twelve blog sites will post all the blog addresses; so don’t worry about getting lost.

1. Roseanna M. White
2. Trish Perry
3. Delia Latham
4. Katy King
5. MaryLu Tyndall
6. Jill Elizabeth Nelson
7. Miralee Ferrell
8. Michelle Sutton
9. Elizabeth Goddard
10. Tricia Goyer
11. Teresa Slack
12. Molly Noble Bull

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