What a way to plot a story!

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Our story starts in the Father’s garden with the first Adam – a gardener; a woman, a tree, fruit, the accuser, temptation/betrayal, a fall, a curse of thorns; they are evicted and death follows. Gen3:17-18 God places Cherubim angels at the east of the garden to “keep the
way”.Gen.3:24 The story continues with the last Adam going to a garden where the accuser tempts Him, Jn18:1 He does not fall BUT He is betrayed. Lk22:3,48 He also is evicted from the garden and goes to His death. This Adam though, takes the curse of thorns and wears it as
a crown; He dies on a tree and is buried – in a garden tomb.

A woman re-enters the garden, sees two angels and someone she thinks is – the gardener! The angels were not there to “keep the way” closed – but OPEN.

Sin entered the world because a woman took “fruit” OFF a tree; the first Adam listened and fell. The last Adam does not give into temptation and redeems ALL things by putting the fruit of the fall – sin, back ON the tree. The risen Y’shua does not show Himself to the men who came to the tomb Jn20 but chooses to wait for her; thus the last Adam’s first act is to restore the woman. Our story ends – in a garden with a man, His bride and a tree – but the accuser and curse are gone.Rev21-22

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