When Christ and the Saints Slept and James Bond

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I’ve never been good at names. Can you tell?

What a name for a book, huh? But that’s how the Anarchy is referred to–a time “when Christ and the Saints Slept.” It’s also, as you see above, the name of a book–a novel depicting the time period. Why am I posting this? Just to let you know that’s why I haven’t been keeping up with the blog lately. I’m steeped in research for my medieval novel. I’ve given myself a deadline for writing, but hey, I can’t get out of the research. This book alone is over 700 pages!

I do have some things in the works. I’ve got an interview coming up with Lisa Harris! Hopefully an interview with Kathleen Morgan over at Favorite Pastimes, and I’m posting the second part of the Trouble with Time Travel over at SpecFaith this Thursday.

Oh one more thing. Did I tell you how disapointed I am that Pierce Brosnan will no longer be playing James Bond? I tell you, even as a long time 007 fan, I’m considering skipping the new stuff, I’m so upset. Nevertheless, you can watch the trailer for the new Bond movie here.

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