Write First, the Story Will come

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What a beautiful smile
Can I stay for awhile?
On this beautiful night
We’ll make everything right

Do you know that song by The Afters? That’s the chorus and I’ve been singing it all day. And of course, you can’t help but smile while you’re singing the words or humming the tune. Can’t help but dance around while it plays over the radio or through the earbuds of your iPod. Oh Okay, my daughter has just informed me the song is titled “Beautiful Love.”

I couldn’t help but think that if you started your day out grumpy, bogged down in the mire, that all you would have to do is listen to that song, plant a smile on your face and you would be happy. This led me to consider the words from the Bible–the physical first, then the spiritual. That applies to so many aspects of our life–yes, including writing.

Several months ago when I first started my fantasy project, I struggled with the fact that I didn’t have a theme. I know several of my writing buddies have been discussing this very topic recently and, of course, you will find all sorts of opinions. But back to the fact that I did not have a theme in mind for my novel. The Lord impressed upon me to do the physical first. . .then the THEME would come. Within two minutes after I considered that, I opened my Writer’s Digest and discovered a very similar article. Though secular, the article discussed that when you don’t feel like writing you have to perform the action, then it will all begin to flow. Those weren’t the exact words, but essentially they mean the same thing.

So, in essence, when you don’t feel like worshipping God, worship Him anyway, and it will begin to flow. When you don’t feel like worshipping Him with your writing, write anyway, and the worship will flow. And if you listen to “Beautiful Love” by The Afters, you’re sure to smile while you do it!


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