April CSFF Blog Tour: George Bryan Polivka’s Blaggard’s Moon

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Welcome to the April CSFF Blog Tour for George Bryan Polivka’s Blaggard’s Moon!

This is my first blog post in a very long time. I’m glad to be joining the CSFF blog tour for this book. I love this author’s story-telling and his way with words. I plan to post a review before the end of the blog tour.

Names, names names! One of the things that jumped out at me while reading Blaggard’s Moon were the characters’ names. Love them! Everyone one of them seemed to roll off the tongue–well, if I said them aloud, that is. They all have a certain ring to them.

Smith Delaney, Ham Drumbone, Damrick Fellows, Jenta Stillmithers, Dallis Trum, Hilly Manders, Lye Mogene, to name a few.

the Pirate Captains: Captain Carnsford Bloodstone Imbry–Conch Imbry, Dancer Clang, Skeel Barris, Braid Delacrew, Shipwreck Morrow, Fishbait McGree, Skewer Uttley and Sharkbit Sutter.

the ships: Savage Grace, Yellowbone, the Shalamon, the Calliope, Tranquility, and more. . .

Oh, and a special honor goes to Your Poor Ma.

Where did George Bryan Polivka come up with his names? (say does he go by George or Bryan?)

Could he have used a pirate name generator perhaps? I doubt it. I wondered if there was such a thing so googled and you guessed it. There is!

Here are a few:

This site gave me the name: Buxom Anne Goodfellow

This site gave me the name (after typing in my own name) : Seniorita Mallory Riggs
and my ship is Lady Hus Killer Of The East

I could go on with endless pirate name generators, but none of the names spewing out are as great as the names in Blaggard Moon. So, I suggest if you haven’t bought the book you go to the website: http://wwww.nearingvast.com/books.php

Or to Amazon to buy the book!

Happy sailing. . .er. . .reading.

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  1. Amydeanne

    lol too funny about the pirate name generator! i may have to go and search that out!

    Thanks for the visit. your blog is great, and your main site is lovely too!

  2. Bryan

    Hi Beth. Thanks for the post and for touring Blaggard’s Moon! I love names. There’s a stretch in Legend of the Firefish where the roll of the dead is taken after a battle. Thirty-nine pirate names in a row… wish I’d known about the name generator!
    –George Bryan Polivka

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