Back from Texas!

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We made it back from Texas today after grueling travel. Schew!

Flew into Sacramento on Friday the 4th, arriving at midnight. All six of us were loaded down with luggage even though we shipped most of the toys and Christmas gifts back. LOL We picked up our car at the long term parking lot finally driving out of the aiport at 1 AM. My husband booked us a hotel thirty minutes north of the airport, but when we exited off the freeway–it was VERY dark. We couldn’t even tell there was a town. We discovered the electricity had been knocked out and a police officer showed us to our hotel–dark and dead! That’s not something you want to find t 1:30 in the morning with four sleepy children. So we drove north and every town that had hotels we stopped only to discover they had no vacancies. We arrived at Redding at 4 AM wondering if we should just drive straight through since we only lived 3 hours away. Thankfully my husband decided against that because we knew it would be snowing over the pass. We found a room at the Red Lion Inn for 150$ which we vacated only five hours later to head home!!

Of course, with all the snow, chains were required. IT WAS AN ADVENTURE!

I’m glad to be at the place I now call my home. After three years in Southern Oregon, it really does feel like home.

The kewl news is that while I was at my folks over the holidays I received my first book and got to hold it in my hands. I signed my first copy to my grandmother:)

If you have a chance go check out my interview with Lena Nelson Dooley today—if you post a comment you could win a free copy:)

Her blog is at

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