CSFF Blog Tour: Chris Walley’s The Shadow and Night

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This week the CSFF Blog tour is featuring Chris Walley’s The Shadow and the Night. I started reading it several nights ago and after only a few pages I knew I was going to enjoy this book.

So often anymore, we want the novel to pull us immediately into the action of the story, without taking the necessary time to establish why we should care. Chris Walley takes his time with the characters and the setting so that I feel completely absorbed in the character’s mind and world.

It’s been a long while that a story has taken me into another universe and into the future like this. I can’t wait to get back to this novel and I smile when I open the book because I’m looking forward to going into this story world–a feeling I’ve only experienced with a few novels.

You can read the interesting story behind the publication of his novels here.

You can buy this book here.

You can read more about Chris Walley and The Shadow and Night at his website:


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  1. Fantasythyme

    Beth, you’re right about the story pulling you in slowly. That seemed to set the tone for Merral’s travels in the beginning. The world was growing around the character as the reader learns more about Farholme, the Assembly, and why the changes mattered.


  2. rebeccagrabill

    Beth, so fun to read your thoughts on the book! The prologue had me snoring (in a “wow this is interest…zzzz” way), but I didn’t mind the slow start as much as others. What got me was the dialog weighted with overly polite nattering. It was a compelling storyline and premise though! Quite an accomplishment to take on, and I think Christ did it well.

  3. Rebecca LuElla Miller

    Well, I admit, I read the first page of the prologue and skipped to the first chapter. As I was turning the page, I thought, This is just the kind of thing sci fi fans will like about the book. Hahah.

    From chapter one on, of course, the focus was the characters, so I understand what you’re saying, Beth.


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