CSFF Blog Tour: Day 3

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It’s interesting to read how different bloggers view this book. I’m still slowly reading and making my way through in my spare time. My expectations are sufficiently built up that I hope the author will deliver and that I won’t be disappointed.

At this point, if I had to comment on any problems I see in the writing, I would say the large chunks-four or more lines– of italics when the character is giving us his direct thoughts, snags me. I’m pulled from the story setting and the character’s head. I think it was Andy M. at Zondervan who mentioned that italics should be done away with. I didn’t agree with him before, but I agree now. I see no reason, in this novel anyway, for the italics. Nevertheless, when I enjoy the story enough I’m tolerant of writing particulars as long as there aren’t gaping problems.

You can read an interview with Chris Walley at Shannon McNear’s blog.

Here’s an interesting link regarding the theology of Lamb among the Stars.:

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