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Today begins the CSFF Blog tour for thriller writer ROBIN PARRISH. Ted Dekker says “Robin Parrish is the kind of writer who understands how to entertain from the word go. His stories are sure to shape fiction for years to come.”

I know you’ll agree with me that it’s exciting to see more writers of Robin’s caliber break the speculative genre wide open. The more great books like this series offers, the more we’re likely to see on the shelves.

I reviewed Relentless last year for Dancingword.net, but I only received Fearless on Saturday! So, I’ll try, relentlessly, to finish reading it in time to post a review at least by the third day of the tour. In the meantime, I have an interview which I’ll post tomorrow.

You probably already know that Robin Parrish is the creator of INFUZE Magazine, an incredibly awesome entertainment ezine. I pulled this from the “about” section of INFUZE.

INFUZE is a daily ezine/blog that examines the place where art and faith intersect. Songwriter Andrew Peterson once said, “One of the ways in which man has been created in the image of God is in his desire to create.” Another songwriter, Nichole Nordeman, says that “art is a window into that exploration of God… As God’s creation, we are called to co-create and explore new things.”

INFUZE is about creative people and what they create — art and entertainment such as film, music, novels & short stories, poetry, artwork, some television shows, comic books, and even video games.

Watch the trailer for Fearless:

Check back tomorrow for the interview and then hopefully on Wednesday a review of Fearless. But if I don’t make the tour, I’ll post it later on the blog and on Dancingword.net. In the meantime, here are the links for the other blog tour participants:

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Later this week, I’ll post pictures and blog about my six days of camping on the Oregon coast last week.


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